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Because your site or your online store deserves the exposure you dream of, Plum Media offers you the best SEO optimization services for the top search engines :Google ,Yahoo, Bing.

 Google SEO

For our SEO optimization services we can guarantee:

Increased search engine rankings and traffic from them

Increased sales volume and brand visibility in the online environment.

Activity report and detailed statistics for positions occupied by Google against competitors and NON STOP access to them from any device (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet).

Compliance with Google's recommendations on search engine optimization (SEO)

We can guarantee the first page in Google, but we can not guarantee a certain position due to very frequent updates - Google makes daily updates.

Total transparency on the services offered.

Dedicated team for implementing changes to programming, design, UX growth (user experience), copywriting and content creation.

We will not work at the same time with 2 companies that have the same field of activity.

Why Plum Media?

Because, by itself, a well-drawn website does not sell. For that, you need a team to write that site correctly. For Search Engines, relevance is the queen of written content, and our SEO optimization experts have experience from hundreds of successful projects .


SEO Optimization Services

SEO optimization can turn your site into one that is more easy to find by potential customers. Google is the most important search engine, and increasing the position of a web page is important for any kind of business.

So, in order for your project or site to be the first (or the first page of the search engine), you need to invest in quality SEO services. And as the traffic of a site comes, for the most part, from Google, SEO optimization of the text on that site becomes essential in the sales strategy of any responsible management.

SEO optimization advantages

We assure you that the site is present in the search engines

SEO Optimization - The Most Durable Way of Promotion

Increases the visibility and credibility of the brand exponentially

It attracts more customers interested in the company's services

SEO strategies help you save money in the long run and traffic is more targeted

Improve conversion rate for traffic generated through SEO

Increase unmanaged traffic volume

Increase sales from targeted words

Optimizare Google SEO Bucuresti

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