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Good and well thought-out advertising will bring you new customers. That's why we're here.

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New customers with reduced costs

The chance to sell targeted, thus making the budget more efficient

Increased awareness in the market

Why Plum Media?

Because we have a lot of experience with a lot of types of advertising projects. And we know that any advertising material needs to solve a problem or respond to some needs.


About graphic design

There are two features that make advertising an effective tool for business: First, you need to target concrete results and second, to capture people's attention and minds.

Graphic design, just like any execution of advertising, is actually a process. And like all the processes, it aims at a goal. Usually, this finality takes the form of benefits for the company. And these advantages, summed up or taken separately, contribute to the strength of a business

The Plum Media team can deliver flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, street banners, roll-ups, bright advertisements and other offline declinations.

Our working process? Fast and transparent. As always, everything comes from a discussion, which gives you a skilled and experienced designer. And if the range of services you want is broader, we'll assign you a team of two designers. Brand identity does not just mean the logo and colors on the site, it also includes accessories that complement the painting: business cards, presentation sheets, letterheads, email signature, or newsletter design.

The competivity of a business is given by a number of factors. Among them, the way they appear on the internet is becoming increasingly important. Because of that image designed and carefully cared for, come (or not) the results.

With digital graphic design services, Plum Media can bring you closer to those desired results: we make banners for online, create from scratch and manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn pages and many more that we hope to discuss together . Either by e-mail or by coffee.

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